Rose Marie McCoy

Before and After Photo
Left: Rose Marie McCoy circa 1946. Right: McCoy in the studio circa 1984. Source.

A Life of Rhythm and Blues


Rose Marie McCoy was an incredible contributor to the music industry. As an African-American women from Arkansas, she was able to break into the music community of New York. Her career was certainly illustrious, obtaining coveted spots on the billboard charts. However, she is often unrecognized for her incredible achievements. Even after her death in 2015, her talents have been immortalized through her impressive discography.


Rose Marie McCoy made a large mark on the music world. She went from a poor farmer's daughter in Arkansas to one of New Yorks most sought after songwriters. Throughout her entire career, she remained confident and proud of her work, and refused to join any of the large labels that urged her to join their teams. Her work has been recognized by many organizations in the music world. Over 360 artists have recorded her songs including Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Ike and Tina Turner, and Sara Vaughan. She has been honored by the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame, and Community Works NYC for her contributions to music.


Rose Marie McCoy's six decade long career has been extensive. Her large discography collection is a testament to her talent in the songwriting industry. Below is a sampling of her contributions to pop culture.

  • I Beg of You sung by Elvis Presley

  • Its Gonna Work Out Fine sung by Ike and Tina Turner

  • Gabbin' Blues sung by Big Maybelle

  • If I May sung by Nat King Cole