Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton
A portrait of Elizabeth Hamilton circa 1787 by Ralph Earl. Museum of the City of New York.

Rarely ever praised for her work or seen as an individual, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was, for the most part, spoken about in relation to her husband, Alexander Hamilton, the founding father who managed the financial state of America while he was the secretary of treasury in George Washington’s cabinet. Although he flourished in many aspects of his life, Alexander remains a controversial character in history, as he partook in extramarital relations, and died in a duel that could have been easily avoided. The burdens that Alexander experienced did not just affect him. The tragedies and tribulations that he experienced left an imprint on the people around him, especially his wife. Throughout her life, Elizabeth had to cope with the loss of her family’s reputation, as well as the loss of her husband. The dark, miserable times in her life, however, did not ruin her vigor, as she ultimately funded an orphanage, that helped many children.

Charcoal sketch of Elizabeth
A charcoal sketch of Elizabeth Hamilton in old age. Source