Mary E. Walker Early Life

Mary was born in Oswego, New York in 1832.
She was the fifth daughter of her parents.
All of her siblings including herself were encouraged to pursue their education.
Mary ws enrolled in Syracuse Medicine at the end of her teenage years.
She graduated with a doctor of medicine degree in 1855. She went into a private practice.
At the Outbreak of the Civil War , she volunteered in washington for the Union effort.

Mary in Civil War

Mary E. Walker was a qualified physician before the Civil War began .
She worked in Oswego for 4 years efficiency and tirelessly She cared for the wounded under the enemy's fire.
Mary contributed the most she could to help our army.
She was credited for the work she put in the civil war when she died.
She was a suffragist that fought for the suffrage of women.

Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker. Source.